The Real Thing Without the Real Limitations

It is almost here. A cladding material that can actually tick all the boxes. Authenticity. Quality. Workability. Value. There is no more choosing which trade-off to make.

This is Qora. A groundbreaking cladding product from Arcitell that has everything the industry has been craving in one material. Although Qora Cladding is new on the inside, thanks to an innovative surfacing technology it is absolutely indistinguishable from brick, cedar and stone on the outside.

Material compromises have come to an end.

Qora Product Teaser
Qora Brick Cladding


High workability and durability make it perfect for both new builds and remodels.

Qora Cedar Cladding


Fire-resistant, fade-resistant, highly durable and simple to install.

Qora Stone Cladding


Lightweight and easy to work with so you can build in more ways and in less time.

Unmatched Simplicity & Workability

Before the job, during the job, after the job. Qora Cladding makes everything easier.

  • Extremely lightweight compared to traditional materials
  • Panelized and pre-molded so it installs quickly, especially over large or complicated areas
  • Easy to install with general carpentry skills and standard tools
  • Low-maintenance so when the job is done a new one does not start

The First of Its Kind

A brand new material inside. True beauty outside.

Qora was born from the belief at Arcitell that there could finally be a cladding product without trade-offs — and their persistence to not stop until that material existed.

A combined rigid foam core and fiberglass-reinforced compound is surfaced with genuine source materials to make Qora look as authentic as the real thing. Plain and simple: Qora looks amazing, is durable and lightweight and sidesteps all the trade-offs the building industry used to begrudgingly accept.

  • Durability that can stand up to nature and unexpected impacts
  • UV and fade resistance to stay looking like new year after year
  • Superior fire resistance that protects
  • Thermal resistance properties keep interiors comfortable

Environmentally Friendly

Qora Cladding is crafted to be responsible.

  • No VOCs make it safe to work and live with
  • Zero-waste manufacturing process results in minimal environmental impact
  • Lightweight material takes less energy to transport

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